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bidding information

this project needs all kinds of construction units and supply units:

first, construction: building structure, mechanical and electrical installation, elevator installation, decoration, the whole cabinet, wall, municipal roads, municipal water supply and drainage, landscaping, pool water features, waterproof, permanent water, permanent electricity generators and environmental protection,civil air defense projects, cable tv, telephone, internet, intelligent residential design and construction, fire systems, gas engineering, parking management, parking floor, gardening pavilion scotia, restoration of ancient buildings, postal channel.

second, the construction and fitting supplier class: steel, cement, gravel, light wall, energy-saving wall scaffolding, wooden doors, stainless steel security doors, fire doors and fire shutter, aluminum windows and doors, interior and exterior paints, wall and floor tiles,stone, wood flooring, glass, wallpaper, furniture, furniture hardware, door locks, floor spring, curtains, metal ceilings class, gypsum board ceiling, decorative lamps, kitchen and bathroom hardware, stoves, aluminum plate, nursery stock, artwork, plywood,fire board, signs, window screens;

third, machinery and electronic: pumps, pipes, valves, stainless steel water tank, leading hardware, sanitary ware, home air conditioning, plumbing flange, clamp, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, wire and cable, busbar, wire line slot, switches and sockets, circuit breakers and switch boxes, transformers, water, electric meters, gas fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm systems, fire fighting equipment, lighting, swimming pool equipment, water heaters, smoke exhaust fan.

willingness to cooperate, honest and trustworthy units following pre-qualification information: business license, qualification certificates, and other related documents, and project results (data package, clearly marked with: class), following by the division i:

mail to the following address:

33rd floor hna building, no. 8, linhe zhong road, guangzhou

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