corporate culture-辰龙游戏手机捕鱼

company philosophy

  • keep moving with honor, and in turn enjoy worldwide fame

        the future of an enterprise depends upon its management philosophy, which determines its achievement thereafter!

        skyfame focuses more on credit than construction height, and considers it as the foundation of an enterprise. skyfame keeps social responsibilities in mind, not only paying attention to the architecture itself, but also commit itself to spreading social civilization and creating architectural culture in a view of surpassing pure architecture. skyfame group announced three 8-word principles in 1998, which indicated that the public could supervise skyfame invisibly. since then, practicality, steadiness, credit orientation, pioneering, innovation and everlasting have been the forever pursuits of skyfame people.

  • create high-quality products and be the model of the industry.

        skyfame operates its business creditably with the concept of integrity-oriented and serving the society and constantly forges ahead with the practicability and steadiness so as to make due contribution to the improvement of public life and business environment and strive for receiving increasing trust from the society.

  • being practical and steady spreads its fame throughout the society.

        skyfame keeps the responsibilities of real estate in mind and commit itself to creating high-quality projects so as to build harmonious housing. skyfame turns itself as the model of the industry by building architectural human landscapes harmonious with living arts by advanced designs and first-class technical skills in construction, which shines the development of the big guangzhou.

  • forge ahead and be scientific and efficient

        instead of standing still and reluctant to make progress, skyfame is bold in looking forward, constantly forges ahead, and adopts the wisdom of the entire team so as to make scientific decisions, manage efficiently, constantly pioneer and innovate, and move forward to a new course.